The strategic positioning of QDEX and Q-Wallet

3 min readAug 2, 2019


In July, QLC Chain debuts two new products: QDEX and Q-Wallet.

QLC Chain’s mission is to build a secure and trusted environment for telecom services and to narrow down the global digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL). We believe that the tokenization of telecom services and resource processes will enable everyone to operate a telecom service and benefit from it.

QLC team has made a lot of progress in the telecom industry during the past one and half year. We formed a collaboration with Montnets and established a Joint Venture. We continued to improve our solutions including the SMS billing platform, the counter telecom fraud platform, the eSIM of IoT for Identity and the Core network based on blockchain. Besides that our community has Confidant — the distributed privacy protection platform. Right now we can see a gradual expansion of the QLC Chain ecosystem.

Now, let’s go back and explain the reasons why we launched Q-Wallet and QDEX. We were asked by community members why we are pivoting QLC Chain’s business direction to a crypto exchange where the team has no advantage at all? At first glance it would seem that these products are not relevant to the telecom industry.

We are continuing to build our core product and strengthen our advantage in the telecom industry. Whereas our experience is that the adoption of blockchain for the telecom industry needs more market education with use cases, we also see that transaction-related technology changes and evolves fast, from the scalability, privacy, and compliance aspects, not to mention that transaction performance is the key to all blockchain technology.

Above is the feedback we collected while pushing blockchain adoption in the telecom industry. On the other side, the industry also hopes to understand more about blockchain technology beyond the laboratory.

These are some of the reasons why we launched Q-Wallet and QDEX products. Our purpose is to provide tools which could aid our potential industry partners in making a more seamless transition towards blockchain tech.

What are the features of the Q-Wallet that we want to present to our industry partners?

  1. Cryptocurrency/Token is easy to sell and buy via FIAT
  2. The token can simplify the global top-up experience of telecom service on the Q-Wallet
  3. Token staking can be executed via the Q-Wallet for industry customers.

Q-Wallet supports NEO, QLC, ETH, EOS, and QLC Chain native token QGas at the same time.

Q-Wallet also supports the OTC function and soon staking QLC for QGas function. By doing this we provide an in-app market for QGas within the Q-Wallet, thereby facilitating enterprises or other entities to purchase QGas.

A wallet in the blockchain world is just a client, whereas a user-friendly App should follow the internet trend — make it simple, intuitive and powerful.

QDEX is a critical part of the QLC Chain ecosystem, it is designed to support QLC Chain mainnet native assets trading, starting with QGas, following with other tokens that issued by enterprises or companies for their applications or services. The QDEX pairs mainstream tokens and telecom tokens to provide the foundation for future businesses.

What are the features of the QDEX that we want to present to our industry partners?

  1. Privacy protection can be validated on QDEX which is the first barrier for industry adoption.
  2. Cross-chain technology implemented on QDEX which can connect carriers who are willing to participate.
  3. Personal/IoT digital data can be exchanged on QDEX which would be the Value-Add Service that carriers are interested in.

For the flexible telecom resources marketplace, trading, cross-chain operation, and deal-making are essential. QDEX will provide fundamental capabilities for future development.

There is a long way to go from the blockchain concept on the whitepaper to product adopted by industry. It is not easy but luckily we understand who we are, where we are and what direction we are moving in.

In the coming months, we will integrate the technology tested and verified on QDEX and Q-Wallet into our blockchain native telecom solutions, and introduce it to the market.

Let us inject the trillions of telecom industry value into blockchain together!





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