Qlink MVP available — Wi-Fi sharing app

3 min readJan 3, 2018


Dear Qlinkers, I am proud to announce that Qlink Wi-Fi Sharing MVP is now released and available to be installed on Android devices. You can download the app on Qlink github page.

Qlink github page link

Watch a short video and learn how to use Qlink App

This is the first P2P network for Wi-Fi sharing, Wi-Fi accession could be achieved by sharer’s consent not by a centralised server. By leveraging the blockchain technology, Qlink provides the most secure Wi-Fi sharing and Wi-Fi accessing environment.

In addition, Qlink shows a sneak peek of the smart contract of the incentive mechanism between users and sharers, which flattens the monetization process and increases the network usage efficiency. Bear it in mind that we will fully support smart contract in next version.

We understand this product is far from commercial use but it marked our first milestone to run a product on blockchain, the engineers have devoted days and nights to develop P2P network and proven the concept on mainnet. Please give them a big round of applause! Please bear in mind that MVP means minimum viable product, which may result in unstable performance.

We will keep upgrading the app every 1–2 weeks.

Qlink supports below features:

  • WiFi registration: WiFi owner can register its own WiFi router/mobile data on NEO chain through Qlink app; We encourage Qlinkers to register Wi-Fi ownership — whoever registers the Wi-Fi ahead of others will enjoy the sharers’ rights, including to set rules for sharing
  • WiFi searching: users can search the nearby registered Wi-Fi and request to connect
  • Be rewarded from sharing: Qlink allows Wi-Fi owners to set sharing rules including the maximum number of devices allowed and the cost for accessing. At the same time, Qlink will support wallet function for users to store the QLC and view the all the transactions related to Wi-Fi sharing.

Last but not least, we cordially invite all Qlinkers to download, install and try the app. Your feedback is the most valuable for our improvements. Please share your feedback here




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