QLC Chain September 30, 2021 — AMA Summary

6 min readOct 5, 2021

The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on September 30. Thanks to the response from Allen and all the meaningful questions raised by our members.

Let’s recap this AMA!

Question: When will we see real output from the collaboration with MEF?

Allen: In October, We will announce the new progress of collaboration with MEF and Mobi.

Question: How many telcos have there been agreed to onboard?

Allen: The new ITN node which integrated with QLC chain node will be launched in coming month, Colt ,Ford, Honda, USAA, DENSO will consider to adopt ITN node potentially.

Question: Why have we not heard from you in such a long time?

Allen: Working on the NFT and DEX development.

Question: Can you please give us an update on the roadmap?

Allen: The roadmap is re-adjusted so far. QLC chain will work with more partner with not only telecom carriers, but also the NFT partners in Q4. Will update the roadmap before middle of October.

Question: Will there be a use for QGAS?

Allen: QGAS is the fuel on QLC chain, and as long as QLC chain support the cross-chain NFT asset staking bridge, QGAS will be used for the asset staking and transfer.

Question: When can we expect there to be a use for QGAS?

Allen: Before end of this year.

Question: Will QGAS be a stable coin?

Allen: Algorithm stable coin is not suitable to Qgas after we tested the beta version internally in past 1 month. QGAS is still the fuel on QLC Chain for cross chain NFT asset bridge and staking in future.

Question: Is the QLC Team still losing developers?

Allen: No, we have 2 new come developers joining us in last month.

Question: Trading volume on Binance has been extremely low for some time now causing the community to worry about being delisted. Is there anything in the works to prevent this and increase volume?

Allen: We will keep updating the progress to Binance and at the same time, do marketing campaign in Binance community. There will be a AMA in Binance community in October.

Question: Can you provide more details on the new QLC ecosystem that Allen previously mentioned?

Allen: QLC ecosystem include the IP network billing ,DID resolution and security on QLC Chain. at the same time, the cross chain NFT asset staking through QLC chain bridge is also important strategy to QLC Chain ecosystem.

Question: The milestones outlined in the 2021 roadmap do not appear to be on the near horizon any longer. What caused this delay?

Allen: Roadmap is re-adjusted already because the crypto market grows so fast, DEFI, Gamefi and NFT is influencing the real world more and more. So we should follow the trend and leverage the trend to explore QLC Chain adoption. Roadmap will be updated before middle of October.

Question: Where do we stand in progress towards previous roadmap milestones such as Layer 2 support of Ethereum and Polkadot?

Allen: Good question, we are developing the NFT asset staking which support the cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and polkadot and other public chain such as avanche, BSC and solona.

Question: Where do we stand in progress towards previous roadmap milestones such as support of algorithmic stablecoin QGAS?

Allen: This strategy is re-adjusted already. QGAS become a algo-stable coin is not suitable to QLC chain. QGAS is still the fuel on QLC Chain for the NFT asset staking among cross chain.

Question: Where do we stand in progress towards previous roadmap milestones such as supporting various other synthetic assets?

Allen: It is adjusted already, we would put the cross chain NFT asset staking more higher priorities.

Question: Those staking are being rewarded with a substantial amount of $QGAS, but we do not know what it is useful for. Why should we continue staking?

Allen: QGAS will be the fuel on QLC Chain for the cross chain NFT asset staking.

Question: At the end of 2021, what will QLC state was their biggest achievement of the year?

Allen: 1,Push MEF to adopt W114 as industry standard. This standard is based on QLC Chain billing solution. 2. collaborate with MEF and Mobi together launch the ITN node plan for all the network connection device. 3. New giant NFT partner in coming Q4.

Question: It is obvious QLC is behind 99% of the crypto projects, namely in terms of price growth. What can you do to change this narrative?

Allen: In Q4, QLC Chain will expand the chain ecosystem not only telecom industry, but also the cross chain NFT asset staking bridge.

Question: Is the project affected by China’s crypto ban?

Allen: no

Question: What happened to the partnership with SakeSwap for the perpetual trading of QLC assets?

Allen: Sakeswap and perpetual still are part of QLC Chain ecosystem.

Question: Network participation in the form of stakers and miners, for example, are mandatory to be considered a true DLT. Currently, there is only one mining node for QLC and the staked volume is only 57 million, down about 40% in the last few months. How concerned are you with these statistics, and do you have any plans to get back on track?

Allen: Yes, the QGAS liquidity and QGAS value will be strengthened in Q4 to improve the miner reward. At the same time QLC chain ecosystem expanded from telecom industry to more cross chain NFT asset staking bridge to all the public chain.

Question: It appears QLC is doubling down on MEF, but is still not listed as a MEF solution provider for LSO Sonata APIs (https://www.mef.net/service-automation/lso-api-implementation/lso-api-solution-providers). Can you please explain why QLC is not in list?

Allen: Let me check this.

Question: IOTX (DLT Mobi) and IOTA (EU Blockchain Participant) are considered competitors to QLC and are dominating this space currently. Why is QLC unable to cope with their pace, and is there anything being done to get back on track? CELO has already come up with stable coins(CBDC exploring this), IOTX is bridging cross chain dex whats plan with QLC and why its far behind the competition?

Allen: IOTX and IOTA is more influence in blockchain native circles. We are strengthen this point through cross chain NFT asset staking in Q4, at the same time we still keep our influence in telecom industry as well.

Question: Stakers and miners invested heavily in USP for any DLT/Blockchain are fleeing rapidly because there appears to be no benefit of QGAS. What is the plan for QGAS and will it be a stablecoin?

Allen: QGAS will be the fuel on QLC Chain for the cross chain NFT asset staking.

Question: Sake was supposed to be strategic partner but does not list QLC in Perp, and QGAS is not even on SakeSwap. Is this a true partnership?

Allen: It is because the oracle price feeding. as long as the oracle support QLC price feeding, QLC token will be listed on perp.

Question: What future plans do you have for nurturing current specific partnerships or securing new ones?

Allen: Yes, QLC chain will keep influence to the MEF and Mobi members, keep the standard moving forward in this industry. At the same time we will support the NFT cross chain staking for more potential collaborations to blockchain native service.

Question: What challenges and obstacles has QLC Chain encountered in the last year that caused development to lag?

Allen: The main reason is the we do a lot of work to support carriers internal workflow. All the telecom carriers is so slow and standpat.

Question: What can investors look forward to in Q4 in terms of developments?

Allen: New partner from not only MEF, Mobi members, but also the cross chain NFT asset providers.

Question: Would you consider migrating from NEO to BSC?

Allen: In future, multichain is the main stream, so we can locate QLC Chain as the cross chain bridge to different public chain. NEO to BSC is the first step.

Question: Would you consider replacing your tokens at a ratio of 10:1 for improved price gradation?

Allen: Not yet, so far, but we are open to discuss this.




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