QLC Chain — October 2021 Update

2 min readNov 3, 2021


  1. Next week is the Q4 member meeting, below is the status of the various activities as of today

2. W128 has been approved as a Draft Standard and is going to CfC#2

a) Letter Ballot request will happen before the next member meeting.

b) W128 will be implemented as a full standard by the end of Q1 2022.

3. W118 (Zero Trust Framework) will go to Letter Ballot between member meetings.

a) W118 will be implemented as a full standard by the end of Q1 2022.

4. MEF 114 (Smart Bilaterals) will be announced as an official MEF standard after the board meeting.

a) The QLC Team will continue to add valuable contributions which will positively shape the narrative and alignment with MEF 114.

5. A new incubation group focusing on business invoicing and billing requirements and use cases has been approved.

6. In late September (in case you missed it or would like to refamiliarize), QLC Chain published a blog post on the official MEF website and subsequent Medium article.

a) The article outlines the new standard choice for cybersecurity to ensure proper implementation of the latest technologies and approaches available in the market.

b) https://www.mef.net/edge-view-blog/from-zero-to-hero/

7. Further collaboration between MEF and Mobi

a) The primary focus is ITN currently.

b) All related materials were created by Allen from QLC Chain.

8. Presentation to the Association of International Aviators introducing ITN.

9. Finalized ITN Technical Requirements Document.

10. Continued drafting ITN Governance Document, which is in its final stages before completion.

11. Drafting Multilateral Identity Recognition Agreement.

12. Drafting ITN Launch LOI.

13. Completed the identity schemas proposal for MEF/Mobi as W3C VCs.

14. The ITN deployment scripts will be finalized and available in the Mobi Github by November 8th.

a) The needed code from these scripts to integrate QLC Chain will be available, so work can begin on that process.




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