How-To Token Swap Guide: QLC to KPL

3 min readApr 17, 2023


This is the official guide for $QLC token holders to convert to $KPL following QLC Chain’s rebranding to Kepple.

Refer to our official announcement here and our community support here.

To swap your QLC tokens to KPL, please visit the Kepple Token Swap Portal.

Note that every QLC token swapped will be burned and can be verified as non-spendable on the Neo Legacy chain.

We’re pleased to inform you that both the token contract and the portal have been audited by Certik.

Information about the swap


  • The only official website to swap QLC to KPL is
  • QLC Chain is being rebranded to Kepple, and QLC tokens will become KPL tokens at a 1:1 ratio during the token swap.
  • KeppleDAO will be established before KPL starts trading, and it will be an independent and fully decentralized entity that holds the rights of Kepple.
  • KPL tokens will be the only tokens in the Kepple ecosystem. Every swapped QLC token will be burned and become non-spendable. QGas tokens will have no utility in the new ecosystem.
  • The deadline to swap QLC to KPL is the 31st July 2023. After that date, the swap portal will be phased off, and the Kepple council will open a grace period that extends to the 30th September 2023, during which holders could still address their swap request to
  • If you hold QLC tokens on a CEX or plan to deposit them on one, please stay tuned for exchange announcements regarding swap dates and the support of deposits of the old token after the swap takes effect.

Autoconversion to KPL:

If you hold QLC tokens on a centralized exchange, you may not be required to take any action. Exchanges should execute the swap of QLC tokens to KPL directly for their users before the new KPL token is listed after their support announcement. Please stay tuned for notifications and announcements from exchanges regarding the swap.

We are in contact with the relevant exchanges to assist in the conversion of QLC to KPL tokens as soon as possible. All centralized exchanges where QLC is listed will announce their plans for the swap in due time.

Other exchanges will list KPL as well.

Manual conversion to KPL:

If you hold your QLC tokens on a cold wallet, please follow these steps to swap them to KPL:

  1. Go to the official swap portal link:
  2. Connect your BEP20 MetaMask or any other supported WalletConnect BEP20 wallet by clicking to “Connect Wallet”.
  3. Send your QLC tokens to the swap address generated on the portal by copying the address or scanning the QR.
  4. The KPL tokens will be automatically transferred to your wallet once the QLC transaction is confirmed.
  5. Add the KPL token address to your wallet to see your new tokens.

Please stay tuned for further updates on our social media and community channels.

If you encounter any issues during the token swap process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our admins on Telegram are available to assist you.

About the QLC Chain to Kepple transition:

Kepple is an all-in-one extension on the BNB Chain that aims to bring Web3 features to social media platforms like Twitter, transforming them from Web2 into Web3. To achieve this, the QLC Chain council will execute the roadmap, support product development, and drive growth to add value to the project and every Kepple user.

In addition, Kepple is launching KeppleDAO, a fully decentralized and autonomous entity governed by the QLC community. KeppleDAO will hold the rights of Kepple, and all future decisions related to the product and token levels will be made solely by the community. The community will be further empowered to contribute such as via staking.

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Kepple (previously QLC Chain) Brings Web3 features on the BNB Chain to Social Media platforms through an All-In-One Extension