Everything you wanted to know about QLC Chain-AMA Summary on June 10

4 min readJun 15, 2021
AMA Recap

The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on June 10. We also prepared this summary for you to get the gist:

Q1: Can you please explain QGAS Tokenomics?

A: QGAS can be used for the service fee from billing network and QLC chain transaction storage and mining capabilities. QLC will be a governance token for the QLC network and ecosystem.

Q2: I am noticing that tech support questions are taking weeks to resolve, sometimes over a month. Can this be improved upon at all?

A: Yes,so far devs are busy on the exchange development. So the tech support is slow. It will be improved soon

Q3: Currently the main Telegram group is flooded with Q-Wallet and KYC problems. Zardique created a separate channel for these topics, but it is littered with scammers and needs to be cleaned up and moderated. Is this something that could be considered moving forward?

A: Yes, a new wallet is developing , it will integrate the defi exchange. New wallet will be ready next month.

Q4: As a suggestion, it might speed up issue processing to have the Telegram admins have a direct link to the developers. Could this be considered?

A: I am the core developer and I am stay in the tg channel. You can dm me if you need help. I will check when I am available.

Q5: The previous roadmap indicated the website would be updated by now, but it has not, despite multiple requests over the last months. When can we expect this to be completed?

A: It is the same as question 2. All the devs are working on the exchange developing. So the roadmap and website update is slow. It will be improved soon after the exchange launched.

Q6: When Zardique was involved, new and useful content was regularly produced. Currently, the little content that is produced are just Medium articles that are no more than a paragraph long with a few bullet points. Can we get back to having regular and useful content creation?

A: Good suggestion. Yes, we will back to the useful content creation such as bi-weekly report and roadmap update.

Q7: A couple of months ago, you told us Andreas Freund was in the process of writing a new QLC Chain article, but we have not seen anything yet. Can we expect to see anything soon?

A: It is completed already. You can read it through following URL

Q8: Please explain QGAS tokenomics.

A: QGAS will be the fuel of service on the QLC network including billing service, DDNS service, IP proxy service and AAA service. And QLC token will be governance token to all QLC community.

Q9: If sake swap was created mostly by the QLC team and using QLC resources why wasn’t that just named QLC swap? How does the recent Chinese ban on crypto‘s effect QLC moving forward? Do you plan to address the lack of professionalism regarding the website needs to be updated and communication from the team? Please take a moment and say a few words to those of us who have invested in the project and held through all these years and supported the project if there is anything to look forward to someday hopefully soon? Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

A: SakeSwap should be part of QLC swap. QLC swap will focus on the cross chain exchange and side chain of ethereum.
Website updating and roadmap updating will be the high priority after exchange is launched.
One more good news: Colt and HGC will start the poc next week with QLC chain billing network.

Q 10: On Q1 2020 you said you have connected Montnets and PCCWG using QLC chain and profits will be used to buy back QLC and QGAS. How much money has this partnership generated and why haven’t there been any buybacks? When can we expect one and is there a plan to run them quarterly or any other time frame?

A: It is a good question. The income from SMS service between PCCWG and montnet is not much. However QLC buyback will be executed according to the QLC foundation finance situation.

Q11: QLC chain is currently supported by one miner. There were three days without any miners and mined blocks. How does this affect network and are you planning to incentivize so more miners join the network?

A: I think QGAS token incentive will be necessary to attract more miner join QLC network. So QGAS/USDT pair will be listed on sakeswap and uniswap soon.

Q12: dlt.mobi website mentions partnerships with a few crypto projects but no mention of QLC. If you actively working with them why it’s not mentioned anywhere?

A: QLC will join the mobi community and let them update the dlt.mobi website. No worries.

Q13: In Binance AMA you said: Before the end of 2021, many operators will adopt W114 and W118 in their network billing and security platform.
Have you signed any contracts with operators to confirm this or is this just your guess?

A: It is not about signing contracts. It is about the standard adoption. As long as W114 and W118 standard is closed by MEF and they will be adopted by MEF members worldwide. Otherwise the operators will afford higher cost to support the inter-connection among different networks.




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