Everything you wanted to know about QLC Chain — AMA Summary on January 22

3 min readJan 23, 2021

The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on January 22. We also prepared this summary for you to get the gist:

Q: Will the buyback and burn program be restarted?

A: Yes, the task is in the team execution pipeline and would be restarted at the proper time

Q: Will an updated roadmap be released?

A: Here’s the roadmap for the first 3 quarters:

Q1, 2021:

  • To release DoD billing platform and invite 10+ operators joining this platform
  • To support the oracle integration on the QLC chain to support industry customers.

Q2, 2021:

  • To support layer 2 solutions of Ethereum for the telecom industry.
  • To support algorithm stable coin(QGAS) on QLC chain for customer service payment.
  • To support asset synthetic on QLC chain for industry customer

Q3, 2021:

  • To support layer 2 solutions of Polkadot for the telecom industry

Q: Will QLC launch a USDT pair on Binance and if so, when?

A: There’s no plan for this, but QLC ERC-20 and USDT pair will be supported on DEX.

Q: How is POC progressing for hcg and dcconnect and when solution is gonna public for global operators?

A: The progress is going good. And before the end of Q1 2021, the PoC will be completed and DoD billing platform will be released.

Q: Will the DEX be ready in February or in the near future?

A: DEX will be ready in Q1, 2021

Q: whether we’ll add the DEX in CMC?

A: Of course YES, we’ll list in CMC.

Q: QLC NEP5 Token and QLC ERC20 Token can be swapped at a ratio of 1:1 with no transaction fee?

A: Can be swapped, but with some extra gas fee on Ethereum.

Q: Can you stake with this ERC20 token inside q-wallet, like nep5 ones, to generate qgas in the qlc_network?

A: Yes, the staking will be supported both on Ethereum and NEO.

Q: What would be the usage for the QLC token — not QGAS — for the use cases?

A: QLC token is mainly used for the representative node and mining node staking. This is critical to qlcchain billing network security.

Q: Where the operators will buy QLC if used? It would be public and transparent?

A: When operators joining our billing network, they need to deposit QLC tokens as certification. Don’t worry. This process is public and transparent

Q: Would there be new QLC tokens unlocked to the Circulating Supply? There would be value for QLC holders not only from fees?

A: QLC holders can get rewards from the qlcchain billing service adoption. For example, the operators joining qlcchain billing network need to deposit QLC tokens to support the network security.

Q: If the telecom operators need the token to make the billing infrastructure work, why is it not reflected in the demand for the token? Can we expect a sudden rise from VC companies or telecom operators directly buying the token?

A: Yes, it would be. So far the billing network is adopted by more and more operators. So the demand will be reflected later.

Q: Is QLC going to bridge DeFi services with investment funds in Asia?

A: Yes, Stable coin on qlcchain will be the main defi service for enterprise customer payment.

Q: Will Montnets still be buying QLC tokens for 2M RMB?

A: We had bridged montnet and pccw global SMS service interconnection each other. Both of them use qlcchain as SMS service billing and settlement. The income generated from this service will be collected and used for QLC token buyback.

Q: Can we get a spam blocker in the chat?

A: Sorry for the community management problem. Yes, we will get back the control of the telegram chat group.

Q: Is Susan still on the QLC team?

A: Yes, working on the commercial of the DoD billing platform.

Q: Will the team is locking up any QLC for a liquidity pool for uniswap?

A: Not yet so far, will do it later when the liquidity pool is created on uniswap.

Q: What we can expect this year?

A: More defi adoption on qlcchain. And more operators join qlcchain billing network for the network as a service.




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