Everything you wanted to know about QLC Chain-AMA Summary on April 20

AMA Recap

The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on April 20. We also prepared this summary for you to get the gist:

Q: I think there needs to be a technical team put in place who can sort out problems, especially with the Q wallet and staking. There are too many KYC errors and once people stake their QLC it appears to be difficult to unstake it. Having a technical support team to resolve issues available 7 days a week would be helpful.
The telegram feed, which appears to be the most active community hub for QLC is over run with people saying they have asked for support and been waiting for days and even weeks. This looks unprofessional and detracts from the project, it’s bad PR.
Perhaps if there was a link where people could submit their issues and these could be dealt with in order that could also be a solution which wouldn’t require constant manning? I think there should be a commitment to resolve all problems within 2 days maximum.

A: Good, Will add this into our task list. Will arrange dev resource to resolve this.

Q: Could we try to make the QLC subreddit the place we talk about QLC?
At the moment the telegram channel seems to be the most used platform for talking about QLC and the best moderated but it ends up just being a stream of consciousness and different threads of conversations get lost and are almost impossible to find again.
There is some great information being shared but unless you are on the thread when it is posted it ends up getting lost.
Would be good to have a better platform where different conversation threads can be separated. Perhaps if moderators inhabited the Subreddit more rather than telegram and pointed people towards the subreddit it might have a bit more life?

A: yes, we have the reddit community as well, but not enough resources to maintain it. I agree with your suggest and will discuss it with our community manager.

Q: You have a ready made PR team here, we are waiting to spread good news about QLC and we believe in the project.
Could you commit to writing one article every couple of weeks which we can share over various channels? Technical articles like Andreas’ article on “payments at warp speed” are excellent because they explain the use case for QLC.
It would also be interesting to hear what Hutchison Global Media and DCConnect’s views on QLC are having worked on the PoC with you

A: Yes we are doing it. Andreas wrote an article to illustrate how QLC chain billing solution become a standard of MEF forum.

We are working with Hutchison Global to help them launching QLC chain based billing service to their partners.

Q: Are you planning on releasing your token on more exchanges anytime soon? Do you believe your current market cap is undervalued?

A: Yes, coinbase is our next target. Sure, QLC token value is undervalued obviously

Q: Are there any Qgas listings planned in the near future? This coin must be properly priced by the market. The price is now irrelevant.

A: Qgas will be listed on SakeSwap.finance, and support the trade pair including: Qgas/USDT, Qgas/Sake,Qgas/ETH

Q: Are you working on future uses for the qlc token or considering any token burns?

A: QLC token will be the network infrastructure resource representative. So QLC chain devs are working on the adoption. The burns is useless unless it can help us grow the revenue income.

Q: Are there any plans on more listing in other exchanges?

A: Yes, coinbase is our next target

Q: Can you provide us with an update as to how the proof of concept trial is going? Is it working well, are other telco’s showing an interest in getting involved and what are the timelines for next steps?

A: It is completed successfully already. And we received several telecos enquiry about our solution including from australia and UK.

Q: Is there any goal to move off of NEO?

A: Good question ,how do you think of it? So far QLC token can be mapped on ethereum already, and ERC20 QLC token is available.

Q: What’s happening to qlc dropping off

A: You mean the price? It’s because the market, isn’t it?

Q: Could you tell us more about DEX please

A: Did you use sakeswap.finance, this dex will be part of qlc chain dex.QLC chain dex will be a cross-chain dex. Next step, QLC chain DEX will support more public chain.

Q: Will you actively try to attract more token buyers besides enterprises? How? Do you plan to introduce QLC to people via AMAs with crypto YouTubers? Since we are in a bull market and the platform release is near, I think it’s a great time to have someone do this for exposure. Most of them are happy to get free content by talking about a legitimate project.
Are you going to revive, clean up and use your YouTube channel and Facebook page again?

A: Yes, good suggestion. We are working on this. Not only the KOL from youtube, but also the potential adoption from DeFi application.

Q: Are there any plans to refresh the website? Some of the information is out of date (team members, roadmap, etc.)

A: Yes, sorry for the slow progress. Will push this internally.
It will be done in Q2

Q: Can you expand on the use of NFTs on QLC chain?

A: NFTs on QLC chain is a very interesting application. For example ,each of IP address can be a NFT on QLC chain ,and this IP address can be owned through NFT asset on QLC Chain ,at the same time, this NFT owner can use IP address to mint another NFT e.g. the drawing, in this way ,the virtual NFT asset will be connected to the IP address which is a physical attribute.

Q: We have been building the QLC offering for some time now. Are we confident that the DEX is the final piece of infrastructure required for Telcos to onboard with QLC?

A: No, DEX is not the final piece of infrastructure. And DeFi service on the DEX will be developed in this year and help telecos embrace the DeFi sevice.

Q: What has been the feedback from telcos about QLC, assuming you have received challenges, what were there and how have we resolved them?

A: Yes, QLC chain is the leading service provider in the telecom industry. We have excellent devs and work with our customer closely. It is not easy, but the challenge is not from technical, it is from the customer grow up.



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